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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some questions about our handmade engagement rings or how our process works? We have answered a lot of our commonly asked questions below. If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out anytime.



We love designing custom engagement rings and consider it a great privilege to work with you on your future heirloom.

It is a collaborative process to design a ring that is both meaningful, unique and tells your story. We know it can be a little overwhelming trying to select the perfect ring and we promise to make this a wonderful experience for you. You can also view our Custom Ring Guide here which will take you step by step through the entire process and let you know what to expect.

Absolutely! This is a budget-friendly way to make your ring unique and special. Instead of starting from scratch, find a Rough Luxe ring that you love and we will be happy to make some small changes to it, such as changing the band or side stones.

Keep in mind that major redesigns are considered custom and fall into another category. However, minor tweaks can be done very affordably. 

We do not sell our settings unfinished. (ie..without a center stone). We would be happy to source one for you. 

Our rings have very delicate and elaborate detailing and engraving that is often done after the center stone is set. This requires a great deal of expertise by a master stone setter and therefore we do not send out loose settings.

This is an area in which we shine! Because we make each piece to order, we have a lot of flexibility in creating a one-of-a-kind ring just for you. For example we can use larger center stones, combine design elements from different rings, or just completely start from scratch.

Feel free to check out the Custom Ring section of our website for info on how to get started.

We do not have a store location. However, if you are in Nashville we would be happy to arrange a private design consultation. 

The reasons for not having a store are many, as are the benefits for my customers. 
Firstly, I can offer superior quality at much more affordable prices due to being a private jeweler.

You can expect to pay much more for designs of a similar quality in a retail store. Often as much as double.

I am able to focus solely on my customers wants & needs, designs and offering the highest quality jewelry experience without all of the distractions, overhead and stress of managing a store. 

I chose to be a private jeweler rather than a retail jeweler because I feel it is more meaningful and offers me more peace, joy and personal fulfillment. Plus, I live on a heavenly farm and get horse kisses all day. That alone is worth it.

That being said we would be happy to send you lots of videos of any rings you may be interested in.  We find this works perfectly for our wonderful clients!

Diamonds, Gemstone & Metal Choices

One of our favorite things is working on bespoke jewelry with our clients. We may source stones for you or work with your existing stones on a case by case basis.

To begin work on a custom project, feel free to contact us to begin the process. Custom projects typically take about 6-8 weeks after a final design is agreed upon.

If we are using your stones please be aware that all stones must be removed from their heirloom settings by your local jeweler and a certified appraisal done. This is to ensure that everyone is on the same page as to the condition, size and quality of the stone when it is sent to us. Settings can hide flaws, inclusions and chips that are not evident when the stone is in a ring. We will also need a copy of the certified appraisal sent along with the stone so that we have a record of it.

Working with your existing stones is on a case by case basis as not all stones are suitable to be reset.

Unfortunately, we cannot. Although we use reclaimed metals for all of our rings, we have to ensure that the metal is pure and a certain ratio of gold to other alloys. This is done by a refinery with very strict guidelines.

There is no way for us to know the purity of gold and what other alloys are in your jewelry. The best way is to have your gold melted down and put the value of it toward the purchase of your new ring!

We use 100% reclaimed harmony metals in our rings which make them eco-friendly and conflict free.

All of our diamonds and stones are conflict free and ethically sourced.

I have spent years cultivating relationships with stone dealers around the world and handpick each and every stone. Many relationships that I have are with the actual mines themselves. I only pick stones that I myself would wear in my own engagement ring.

We only design our fine jewelry in high karat gold & platinum. Our rings are intended to become heirloom pieces and sterling silver much too soft of a metal to withstand the test of time.

If you like the look of sterling silver, I would suggest going with our 14k white gold. It is a has a soft, glowy & rich lustre.

Platinum is also an excellent choice.

No, we never plate any of our rings. The bright, white you see in commercial engagement rings is usually rhodium plating. It will usually wear off within a year and need to be replated.

White gold is beautiful on its own and we believe in leaving it natural. If you do really like the look of the bright white rhodium we would suggest just buying a platinum ring.

Replating it every year is wears down and distorts the settings and we cannot recommend it.

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Halo Diamonds


It is always better to get your size correctly the first time around. I cannot stress this enough!

 Gentleman, do not order a ring if you don't know her size. Nothing makes a woman unhappier than being given a ring only to have to give it back, pack it up and send it off to be resized. Trust me!

The best way is to order one of our Ring Sizing Kits. Or you may visit any local jewelry store to find out your correct size. Don’t worry, they are used to providing this service so don't be shy going in and asking.

Farm Life

Sundance & Liberty Belle are both Gypsy Vanners, which originally come from the Romany region in Wales.

They are called Gypsy Vanners because long ago the Romany Gypsies needed big strong horses to pull their carts. However, the task of caring for the horses was given to the children, so Shire horses or Clydesdales were much too big. So they bred Shire horses with ponies. They were also bred to be very calm and quiet.

My two actually act more like Golden Retrievers than horses. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Their favorite thing in the world is giving muzzle kisses.

Sundance is a true southern gentleman and insists on opening and closing all the doors and gates for you.

We live ion a farm n the rolling hills of Tennessee, close to Nashville.

We love the peace & sense of community in our small little town. Neighbors help neighbors. People hold doors for you and say please and thank you.

We sometimes just sit at the corner market, listening to whoever is strumming their guitars at the time and talk...just because.

It really is like Mayberry.