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Which Diamond Cut Looks The Biggest?

Which Diamond Cut Looks Biggest Emerald Cut

Which Diamond Cut Looks the Biggest?

Choosing the best diamond cut for engagement ringcan be a bit difficult. This is because each cut has its own unique beauty and appeal. Just like her! If she wants bigger diamond than your budget can handle, let us help you figure out which diamond cuts look the biggest. We can help you make a little bling can go a long way

Also, you need to know which shape would match her personality the best. Apart from looking into the 4 C’s while buying diamonds, looking into its shape and cut is also important.

There are some that sparkle more than the others while others look bigger in size. The price of different diamond cuts can’t be ignored either. If you wish to get a clearer idea about diamond shapes for engagement rings,here’s your guide to it.


01. Emerald Cut Diamond

An Emerald cut diamond is a step-cut diamond. Unlike the round or oval one that displays better brilliance, this one has got more depth and sparkle; a sort of prism effect. This shape is more of a graceful, modern and refined in appeal. If you love Emerald Cuts you will love our Mirabelle or Vivienne Rings.


  • I just love Emerald cuts because of their affordability. Which means you get more bling for your buck compared to other diamond cuts.
  • It showcases a ‘peering into a hall of mirrors’ kind of effect. Think Versailles with its Great Hall of Mirrors. It is rich & regal. You can actually look through the faceted sides and the depth of the cuts in this diamond which draws the eye in.
  • It also has the added benefit of elongating your finger, which makes it more graceful.


  • Imperfections can be easily spotted in this shape due to its depth. You will want to choose one that does not have noticiable imperfections right on the table. Again, these are best chosen in person by a trained eye, not just by a grading report. We get some fabulous deals on Emerald Cut diamonds that are just gorgeous.
  • If the diamond is not finely cut, it would appear a little black in color. Most Emerald Cuts face up white, so you would want to concentrate on getting one with a finer cut.

 Oval Diamond Engagement Rings Look the biggest

02.  Oval Cut Diamond

An 1ct. oval cut diamond can look a lot bigger than a classic 1ct. round diamond. Because its elongated shape, and larger table an oval cut diamonds can appear larger than they really are. In addition that they can also give your bride-to-be’s finger an longer, more elegant look.

This shape is unique, romantic and stands out while being modest. If you don't prefer something too fancy but still wish to wear something different, this one is perfect. Our Dahlilah ring is a perfect example of the beautiful qualities of an oval diamond ring.


  • Similar to the round diamonds when it comes to sparkle and brilliance
  • Typically it is less expensive per carat than a round diamond
  • Oval diamonds have a larger table and appear comparatively larger
  • Most importantly, they make a woman’s finger look slender & elegant


  • Might show a bow-tie effect. That is, it appears to be a little darker in the center due to the uneven distribution of light. When choosing an oval diamond you want to place more emphasis on the cut in order to avoid this. We are very particular about choosing Oval Cut Diamonds for our customers as they have to be hand inspected to avoid this.
  • It is difficult to determine the dark spot from a grading report.

  Which Diamond Cut is the biggest Pear Shaped


     03. Pear Shaped Diamond

    If you look for diamond shapes for engagement rings,pear-shaped diamonds are beautiful choice for an engagement ring. This is because this shape is very feminine and adds a lot of vintage charm to your engagement ring, especially when surrounded by a delicate halo. It is also known as a tear drop shaped diamond. You can see some examples of a Pear Shaped Diamond Ring here.


    • A pear shaped stone can also make your finger look long and slender.
    • A very unique cut that is delicate & romantic. You will not see pear shaped diamonds everywhere like you do round cut diamonds.
    • Again, they are priced more affordably than the round cut, making purchasing a larger one an option.


    • The pointed end can be delicate and prone to chipping. To avoid this we recommend making sure that it is in a proper setting to protect the point. Having it set in a a halo setting or with a prong protecting the point are the best ways to prevent this.


    04. Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

    If you search for the best diamond shape for engagement ring,the round one is certainly one of the most popular ones available, but on a per carat basis, it is not the one that will look the largest. However, it is classic in style and timeless. Our Anastasia ring is a perfect combination of romantic detailing and feminine design.


    • The sparkle & brilliance of a round shaped diamond is intense. Thus, it can hide flaws really well.
    • It can mask color due to the table size being smaller than the cuts mentioned above.
    • There is the largest choice as far as selection of round diamonds. Because they are the most popular they are also the ones that are the most widely available.


    • Round cut diamonds are known to be the costliest in nature. They can be around 20-40% more expensive.
    • Looks a little smaller when compared with other diamond shapes.


    Which diamond shape appears to be the biggest one?

    If your question is- which diamond shape diamond looks biggest,here’s your answer to it:

    The diamonds that are a little elongated look bigger when compared with round or square-shaped ones. This is simply because the elongated shape creates a visual illusion of having more mass when it is worn on the finger as a ring. Thus, the diamond shapes that look comparatively larger are Oval, Emerald, Pear, and Marquise.

    There are several factors such as size, appearance, shape, cost, and quality, which need to be looked into very closely before you make the final purchase from different diamond shapes for engagement rings.  At Poetry of Luxe Jewelry we carefully hand pick each diamond depending on our clients needs, goals and budget. And then we hand make each setting to fit your exact diamond. We do not use premade, stock settings. After all, your love story is unique, and your diamond engagement ring should be too.

    If you need help designing your engagement ring, picking the perfect diamond or both, it would be our pleasure to help! Contact us to get started on your dream ring.

    Heather Charlick

    Heather Charlick

    Hello There! I'm Heather-a jewelry artist living with my beloved husband & horses in the rolling hills of Tennessee. I make vintage inspired engagement rings for the romantic bride. I would love to help you custom design your dream ring, so feel free to contact me anytime.