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Should you buy your engagement ring online?

should i buy my engagement ring online

You’re ready to pop the big question! Congratulations!

The only issue… You have no idea where to go to buy that perfect, make their heart sing, ring. You want something worthy of your unique love story, but it also needs to fit your individual style and budget. The task can seem a bit daunting.

After all, you did spend all of this time searching for the perfect person; you want to hit it out of the park when you ask them to join you for the rest of your life. We COMPLETELY understand. The big question you are asking is Should I buy my engagement ring online?

With e-commerce skyrocketing to new heights and the modern fiancé beginning to turn to the web for most all shopping, why not also look online for that flawless ring?

It might seem like it’s a stretch out of your comfort zone, but we took a look at some of the greatest incentives to purchasing your engagement ring online and what we found might just change your mind!

Eliminating The Overhead

Hold on to your pocket books ladies and gents… Store bought engagement rings can cost up to 50% more than buying an engagement ring online. Did it get hot in here or is it just me?! That fact alone should cause anyone looking into buying a ring to pause and seriously consider going the online route!

Granted, brick and mortar jewelry stores have to keep the lights on and pay their rent… unfortunately that extra overhead gets wrapped in to the overall purchase price of your precious ring.

When you sit back and reflect, is the experience of visiting a jewelry store really the focal point of the process? I think you’ll agree that the true objective is to get the absolute best ring possible, for the best deal.

Think about how much more you could afford in size and quality if you were able to apply that extra 50% of your budget to the ring itself, just by choosing to shop online! You can put that extra savings toward your future wedding or even toward a bigger stone if you choose.

 Art Deco Baguette Ring

Buying Power

When you walk into a jewelry store there is a certain element of excitement, but there is also often some naivety. Most people don’t go through life educating themselves on fine jewelry and stones (unless it’s their job). And often this is the first time buying a ring. And of course, you don't have any experience at it. Why would you? So, when the day arrives that you are shopping for your sweet hearts ring, you’re a bit of a novice jumping head first into the deep end.

In a physical jewelry store there is a sales person who is considered an “expert” eagerly waiting to assist you. All too often customers find themselves caught up in the midst of the rush that is the engagement ring buying process. They go with what is recommended to them and that doesn’t always result in the most satisfied customer. You may be persuaded into a ring outside of your desired budget or even a different style than you had in mind.

On the flip side… when you’re engagement ring shopping from your computer, you have the buying power! You are in a position to do comparative research, without being rushed around by a zealous sales person. You have the time to feel truly confident in your selection, from the cost to the style. Zero outside pressure!

Plus, when you are ready to get input from an expert behind the screen its on your terms. Most high-end jewelers offer phone and/or videoconference consultations when you’re ready to take that step! We offer both here at Rough Luxe in order to help find out a little bit more about you, your bride to be and your story together. This helps us paint a picture of what type of ring would be perfect for you!


Broadened Horizons

 A storefront can only hold so much variety. They often only hold their favorite selections, from a few lines of jewelry or you may even be limited to shopping their own in house brand. This can wind up leaving you feeling restricted during the purchase process and lacking the personal flare and uniqueness that we all desire when ring hunting.

Brick and mortar stores often lack flexibility within design. If something is not to your liking about a particular ring you are considering (ex. you wanted to flatten a setting to make a ring more functional), you may have to opt for another ring entirely, because they may not be willing to accommodate a change to their standard design.

When searching online your horizons are broadened instantly! You’re options are limitless. If you are not able to find the exact design you are looking for, there is a good chance you can find a designer willing to compose something to your liking that is entirely original.

Since all of our rings are custom madefor each customer, we often combine elements from several different rings to create the perfect ring. Want more floral detailing or a different band. Not a problem, we can do that! And we send you 3D renderings of your design to approve of even before we begin making it. 

With all that said, we hope this article helps make your search for the ideal ring a bit easier and more enjoyable. Whether you’re interested in saving money, improving your overall buying experience and/or looking for a much wider variety of options… you will definitely want to power up your search engine and go the online route.  Be sure to check out our beautiful selection of vintage inspired engagement rings. We would love to help you design the perfect one for you!

Heather Charlick

Heather Charlick

Hello There! I'm Heather-a jewelry artist living with my beloved husband & horses in the rolling hills of Tennessee. I make vintage inspired engagement rings for the romantic bride. I would love to help you custom design your dream ring, so feel free to contact me anytime.