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A Guide to Engagement Ring Settings

A Guide to Engagement Ring Settings

Congratulations! You have finally found the perfect girl and are getting ready to propose. How exciting!  Figuring out where to start on your search for an engagement ring worthy of your bride-to-be can be a little daunting.  Chances are that you are stuck deciding on which style to get... Right? 

Which one will best capture her personality and most of all her heart. Are vintage vibes her cup of tea? Or is she a hopeless romantic?   

It is a good idea to research up on the most popular engagement ring styles to compare all of your options.   

And to make it easy for you, we've compiled the top 6 most popular engagement ring settings so you can get a feel for each one and their differences.   

Solitaire, Halo, Three Stone, Pave, Vintage-Inspired, and Color Accent are the most popular, but you're probably wondering what the variations are.   

Read on to discover each style's characteristics, and hopefully, by the end, you have a much better idea of what to look for. And better yet, which one will she will be sure to say yes to.   

Be sure to check out our Engagement Ring Style Quiz. It is simple and easy and can help you quickly discover the perfect style for her! (We love making things easy for y’all! After all getting engaged should be a wonderful journey, not super stressful.)

Halo Ring Settings

The halo setting has always had my heart. I am not supposed to play favorites, but halo engagement rings are my absolute favorite. And you can see that we have created a ton of them for you to choose from! They can be so sweet, delicate and romantic. And they have a lot of other wonderful qualities!

By surrounding the center diamond with a halo of delicate diamonds, you really create a beautiful little wonderland of beauty on your finger. Halo rings can just draw you into their light.

Halo Engagement Ring Setting

They also have the added bonus of giving you more bling for your buck. Often the majority of the cost of an engagement ring is in the center stone. So going up in size with the center stone causes the price of the ring to also go up exponentially. But a little secret trick of the trade is choosing a Halo engagement ring setting.

You can often choose a stone 1/3 the size and by surrounding it with a twinkling halo of diamonds, viola, you now have a ring that looks twice as big! Just like magic. (And a load off your budget).

The ever popular Halo engagement ring setting also gives you the opportunity to be more creative with your ring. Alternating the size of the diamonds around the halo can give it a very unique and feminine look to the ring.

Adding tiny vines and floral encrusted with delicate diamonds is perfect for the girl who dreams in wildflowers. 

Do you see where I am going with this and why they are my personal favorite? The options are limitless with halo settings and there are so many ways to add enchanting details to make your ring one-of-a-kind…just like your love story.

Halo engagement rings are a mixture of sweet sparkle and whimsical shine. It really is the ideal ring for lovers of sweet and romantic details.

Three Stone Ring Settings

The three stone engagement ring setting is also a very popular style. After all, if one diamond is great, aren’t three diamonds better?

Three stone engagement rings have a great history. I personally like the significance of them representing the Past, present and future. They can bring great meaning as engagement rings for second marriages or blended families for this reason.

Three Stone Ring Setting
Deauville Three Stone Ring

Of course, we are all about having rings be meaningful and symbolic here at Rough Luxe. It really is everything when talking in regards to engagement rings. You want to choose a ring that shines bright and tells your love story. 

A three stone ring can also be very versatile from a pure design aspect. It is common to use different sizes, shapes or colors for the two side stones. For example the center focal stone would be a diamond and the two smaller stones could be blue sapphires. Or vice versa.   

Using different colored stones in a three stone setting was very common in the Art Deco era and is making a comeback these days. Vintage inspired engagement rings have become very popular of late, with Art Deco rings being the most coveted.    

Our Montana Sapphire Three Stone ring is a great example of how unique these beauties can be but also how simple and classic.    

If you simply cannot settle on just one single diamond, and you know she loves lots of sweet sparkle, then the Three Stone engagement ring setting might be just the ring for you.   

Or if you are looking for an engagement ring that has a deep meaning for the two of you and tells a story of your past, present & future together then you will be sure to fall in love with a 3 stone ring.


For the woman who loves everything and anything glamorous and refined, a Pave set engagement ring would be the perfect choice. It is very elegant and super popular.   

I just adore using Pave in engagement ring settings for my brides. But with one caveat. It really has to be done right.   

Pave comes from a French word which literally means “to pave”. And you know I love all things French! (I lived in Paris for quite a while)  Pave are series very small, intricate settings that hold diamonds along a band so that they almost appear to be floating. In mid air.ok.

Custom Pave Engagement Ring Setting

True Pave, properly done, gives off a gorgeous, brilliant heart stopping sparkle. They also are delicate and oh so feminine. It is easy to see why brides love fall in love with this style of engagement ring setting and it continues to always remain a favorite.

The diamonds are held in place by tiny beads. I want to say almost microscopic beads. And if that sounds tricky to you. It is. 

And this is the tricky part that no one will tell you. It takes YEARS to learn how to do pave properly. My stone setter studied with a Russian master in Europe not only learn how to do it but to perfect it.

It is all done painstakingly, by hand. Under a scientific microscope. The ones that they use in research labs. The work required to pave really is that delicate and tiny.   

A lot of Pave is not done correctly. And you will find a lot of shoddy work and even the gluing of stones. (Yikes and I just clutched my pearls in a horrified way) Without me telling you, I can assure you that you univocally do not want glue in your engagement ring.

So if you are considering Pave for your engagement ring, I highly encourage you to make sure it is being set with experienced hands. It will be more expensive. But it will be worth it.    

Another little tip about Pave settings is that they can sometimes be hard to size or not resizable at all depending on how far around the band the pave goes.    

Always have a conversation with your jeweler about that so that you are not disappointed in the future when you find out that your ring can not be resized and that a new setting purchase is required.

A pave set engagement ring is considered an all-time favorite classic by many women. It really is timeless, elegant and always in style.

Vintage Inspired Settings

Vintage style engagement ring settings are inspired by the beauty of a bygone era. At Rough Luxe we are most drawn to styles reminiscent of the turn of the century Belle Époque era and the Art Deco Era.   

The Belle Époque era was also known as the golden era in France. Belle Époque literally means “beautiful age” in French. And beautiful it was.

It was characterized as an era of peace and beauty. Art and design took on a romantic feel and was full of ornate, flowery details..

Mirabelle Vintage Inspired Ring Setting

We have tried to capture this in our romantic vintage inspired settings such as our Mirabelle Ring  and Anastasia ring.  Each one embraces nature inspired elements, such as intertwined leaves and intricate golden scrolls.    

Every vintage style ring we offer perfect those who absolutely love and admire romantic details.   We also specialize in Art Deco style settings as part of our vintage inspired engagement ring line.   

Clean, geometric lines and shapes dominated the Art Deco era. This brought us beautiful hexagon settings and a love for baguette diamonds and sapphires.   

Bold colors were used to contrast white diamonds and bring each design to life.  Our most popular Art Deco engagement ring settings are our Greta Ring and our Monroe Art Deco Ring. These can also be customized to include different colored sapphire stones to give you a beautiful, unique look and contrast your beautiful white diamond center stone.   

As you can see Vintage inspired rings and their settings can come in a variety of designs, sizes, and stone-types. They are one of the most popular engagement ring styles because they have always remained truly unique throughout the decades.   

We love giving vintage inspired engagement rings a modern twist. It is one of our specialties and something that really inspires us design wise. We can also customize any of our current ring designs to make it special just for you. Having one of our vintage-inspired rings handmade just for you really creates a memorable, exclusive look and experience.   

If you think vintage-inspired engagement rings are the style she wants, then we recommend taking a look at our range of popular engagement rings   

Each is reminiscent of a romantic beauty and elegance from a time gone by. Sure to be a future treasured heirloom.

Side Stone Ring Setting

Another way to make your engagement ring unique is to adorn it with side stones. These can be diamonds to match or colored sapphires to add a lovely flair and unconventional beauty.   

Different shaped stones can also create a unique profile to your ring. A pink pear sapphire on either side will give beautiful curved lines and a graceful vibe.   

Bold, blue sapphire baguettes will add a strong and classic feel.

Adding a splash and a pretty pop of color to your ring can also make it uniquely your own. Sapphires come in every color under the rainbow these days so the choices are limitless. An engagement ring with colored sapphire side stones is ideal for women who prefer a colorful look as opposed to a simple diamond.   

 So there you have it! These are the top six most popular engagement rings!   

We hope that our top list has helped you. If you need more help narrowing it down as to which engagement ring setting would best suit YOUR bride-to-be and her personal style we have created an Engagement Ring Style Quiz

It is fun & super easy to take and can give you some great insight on what ring may be perfect for her.   

 Whether she's a vintage-lover, admires simple or classic taste, or prefers an extra splash of glamour, you can base your choice upon these deciding factors and the ring styles to match.

If you are looking for a unique or customized engagement ring we would be happy to help you create the ring of your dreams. Get in touch to find out how to get started.

Heather Charlick

Heather Charlick

Hello There! I'm Heather-a jewelry artist living with my beloved husband & horses in the rolling hills of Tennessee. I make vintage inspired engagement rings for the romantic bride. I would love to help you custom design your dream ring, so feel free to contact me anytime.